Our all encompassing web portal delivers everything teachers and students
need to be successful during the Horizon Education test prep course.

Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is the first screen a teacher views when they login to the portal. The dashboard makes it convenient to access the most essential features of the portal, which include teacher resources, student enrollment numbers, attendance, and student results.

Create/Edit Course Schedule

Before the start of each prep session course, a schedule is created which is directly entered into the portal. Throughout the course, teachers can view and edit the schedule, along with automatically creating a PDF flyer that can be sent out to students.

View/Edit Student Enrollment

Once students register on the Horizon Education website, teachers will have access to a page that lists all of the students enrolled in their classes. From this page, teachers can transfer students to another class, update a students information, delete a student, and export the entire enrollment list as a .csv file.

Access Teacher Resources

All of the necessary resources teachers need to run the Horizon Education prep course will be accessible from a single page within the portal. This includes the course syllabus, practice tests, answer keys, and presentation files.

SMS & Email Reminders

Based on the schedule entered into the portal for each class, students will receive automated SMS & email reminders for their upcoming practice tests and prep sessions. Teachers also have the ability to send out custom SMS and email messages throughout the course.

View and Take Attendance

Teachers can track attendance and keep students accountable throughout the prep course. Once attendance is entered, teachers can see an overall view of each classes attendance records, along with percentages of students attending prep sessions and practice tests.

View Student Results

Teachers can quickly and easily view student results from the Horizon Education practice tests. They will have the option to view the overall average results of their class, download school progress reports, and download individual students score reports.

Online Student Enrollment

Students enroll for the Horizon Education prep course online via our website. The easy and straight forward signup process also creates an account for each student, which gains them access to the Student Dashboard.

Student Dashboard

After students enroll and create their accounts, they will have access to the Student Dashboard once they login. From here they can access their score reports, view the prep course schedule, and access a FAQ/Resources page that includes helpful course materials and resources.