SAT® & ACT® Exam
Readiness for
Every Student

SAT® & ACT® Exam Readiness
for Every Student

Providing equitable access and resources to students, families and educators in their journey towards post-secondary success

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College Readiness
Benchmark Assessments

This powerful solution helps educators measure and analyze growth over time with diagnostic assessments that include PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, PreACT®, or ACT® exam-like items. Our digital benchmark assessments are also available via our select partners, listed below:

Our Partners

Horizon Education's digital benchmark assessments are also available with the following partners:

Horizon Readiness Courses for the SAT® & ACT® Exams

Our team works directly with high schools and districts to build sustainable college readiness programs by providing professional development, personalized curriculum, practice assessments and scoring analytics.




Data & Analytics

Proven Data Driven Results

With Horizon Education’s readiness courses, students achieve an average score improvement of 4 points on the ACT® and 160 points on the SAT®.

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SAT® & ACT® Professional Development for Educators

Horizon Education understands the importance of differentiation and adult learning. We’ve designed a learning and training solution to equip educators to fully support students in all types of instructional settings.

Free Service

PSAT/NSMQT® Data Interpretation

Is your school utilizing the PSAT/NSMQT® data the CollegeBoard® provides? Horizon Education offers a free PSAT/NSMQT® report that disaggregates the data file and turns it into an action plan for your teachers & students.

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