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Offering a Comprehensive College and Career Readiness Achievement System for Students and Educators on the ACT®, PSAT® and SAT®




Data & Analytics

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Building sustainable
SAT/ACT programs for schools and organizations

Providing professional development, personalized curriculum, and assessments for teachers and students

Professional Development and Training - College and Career Readiness For Educators

Horizon Education understands the importance of differentiation and adult learning.  We’ve designed a learning and training solution to equip educators to fully support students in all instructional settings - including during the day, after school or in a blended environment.

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Preparing All Students for College and Career Readiness Standards Mastery on the PSAT, SAT or ACT

Our team works directly with schools/districts, organizations, and nonprofits to ensure that all obstacles to access, support, resources or opportunities are equitable for all students, regardless of their background.  At Horizon Education, we strive to make sure that no student falls through the cracks.

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Personalized Curriculum

Horizon Education custom designs a curriculum and Scope & Sequence for each building based on student data.  

Community Empowerment

Horizon Education believes in the power of the community and works towards empowering the voice of families.  

Equitable Access and Support

We specialize in working with Multilingual Learners and traditionally underserved students.

Proven Data Driven Results

With Horizon Education’s Curriculum, Instructional Resources, Assessment, and Data students achieve an average score improvement of 160 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT.

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How It Works

Horizon Education assists schools in securing funding, training teachers, enrolling students, conducting parent nights, and supporting teachers.  Horizon Education remains an integral support system throughout the turn-key program’s entirety ensuring reciprocal accountability of student’s overall success.

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Extensive Reporting Aligned to State Standards

Horizon Education’s student score report aligns with CollegeBoard and ACT’s scoring scale and our test questions align with SAT/ACT subject categories. Throughout the program, students get a clear understanding of areas where they need the most support.

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Individual Student Reporting

Students receive detailed College and Career Readiness Standards Score Reports that track growth based on Pre, Middle and Post - valid and reliable assessments - mirroring the SAT and ACT exam.


Educators receive aggregated classroom reporting that includes a comprehensive data analysis, student growth tracking and reporting on various College and Career Readiness Standards - all aligned to state level standards.

Who We Work With

Horizon Education has supported thousands of students, schools and districts from across the country. We work directly with school and district administrators, non-profits organizations, and educators looking to make a difference in the lives of students, especially students from traditionally underserved communities.