SAT® & ACT® Exam
Readiness for
Every Student

SAT® & ACT® Exam Readiness
for Every Student

Providing equitable access and resources to students, families and educators in their journey towards post-secondary success

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College Readiness
Benchmark Assessments

This powerful solution helps educators measure and analyze growth over time with diagnostic assessments that include digital adaptive PSAT/SAT® or PreACT®/ACT® exam-like items.

A Reliable Solution Trusted by Hundreds of Districts and High Schools Across the Country

Horizon Readiness Courses for the SAT® & ACT® Exams

Our team works directly with high schools and districts to build sustainable college readiness programs by providing professional development, personalized curriculum, practice assessments and scoring analytics.




Data & Analytics

The Horizon solution allows us to alter classroom instruction and assessment. If we don't allow for a preview of these college readiness assessments, we're not setting up our students for success. This year we are really focusing on analyzing the data we get back and using it productively in the classroom. So many times we get the state tests back and we're like, oh well, we had those kids last year, there's nothing we can really do to change. We're looking at the formative approach more intensely this year, to see how we can alter and meet the academic needs of kids.

Dr. Ashley Vaughn
Coordinator II Assessment and General Programs
Mercer County Public Schools

Proven Data Driven Results

With Horizon Education’s readiness courses, students achieve an average score improvement of 4 points on the ACT® and 160 points on the SAT®.

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SAT® & ACT® Professional Development for Educators

Horizon Education understands the importance of differentiation and adult learning. We’ve designed a learning and training solution to equip educators to fully support students in all types of instructional settings.

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