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Focusing on Improving College Prep Coursework and SAT/ACT Scores through Professional Development

SAT/ACT Professional Development for Educators

Horizon Education’s fully customizable SAT/ACT professional development programs equip any educator with the tools and resources to effectively run a stand-alone test prep course.

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Horizon Education’s Total SAT Score Improvement

+102 Points
+101 Points
+106 Points
+99 Points
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How Are Teachers Compensated?

There are multiple streams of funding to support professional development programs. Many districts and school sites have stipends set aside for teachers participating in professional development.

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How Schools Have Paid for Horizon Education Programs

School sites have lots of ways to pay for our program, and we’re experts at finding funds for schools and districts who want to help their students and teachers. If you’re interested, let us know. We’ll find ways to work within your budget.

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The Benefits of Horizon Test Prep Programs for Students

Our process starts with a free practice test to gauge students’ ability on the SAT/ACT. From there, we provide custom schedules and resources to maximize your prep time. The average Horizon Test Prep student improves their SAT score by +101 points and their ACT score by +3 points!

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Government Funding With Horizon Education

Federal, state, and local funds are already available for your district or school to sponsor test prep courses. We’ll help you identify the right sources for your school sites to help your teachers and students thrive.

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