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SAT® & ACT® Readiness
for Every Student

Providing equitable access and resources to students, families and educators in their journey towards post-secondary success

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July 28-30, 2020

SAT® Symposium

Horizon Education announces its first all virtual SAT Symposium for educators. The three day event will bring together high school teachers, counselors, and administrators from across the nation to learn and share best practices for SAT readiness. 

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SAT & ACT Readiness
Courses for High Schools

Our team works directly with high schools and districts to build sustainable SAT/ACT programs by providing professional development, personalized curriculum, practice assessments and scoring analytics.




Data & Analytics

Proven Data Driven Results

With Horizon Education’s readiness courses, students achieve an average score improvement of 4 points on the ACT and 160 points on the SAT.

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SAT & ACT Professional Development for Educators

Horizon Education understands the importance of differentiation and adult learning. We’ve designed a learning and training solution to equip educators to fully support students in all types of instructional settings.

Free Service

PSAT Data Interpretation

Is your school utilizing the PSAT® data the CollegeBoard® provides?
Horizon Education offers a free PSAT® report that disaggregates the data file and turns it into an action plan for your teachers & students.

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