About Us

Building Equitable College Readiness Programs for Educational Institutions.

Who We Are

Horizon Education is an innovator in college and career readiness. We partner with school sites by providing our resources to their teachers, who empower their own students to prepare for college.

We combine high quality and affordability by training your staff to run a first-class program. Our team works directly with schools, organizations, and nonprofits through every step of the journey so that every student who is motivated to go to college has an opportunity to succeed.

Our Experience

Horizon Education has extensive experience in the college career readiness sector of the education industry. We have been around the SAT/ACT for the past decade and have a thorough understanding of how to get positive results.

Our in-depth knowledge, experience with the SAT/ACT, and agile business operations allow us to provide the best advice and services in the industry.

Our team

Meet the talented team behind our day to day operations!

Dustin Bainbridge

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Craig Leren

President - Chief Operations Officer

Warren Kim

Director of Customer Relations

Michelle Sauceda

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Judy Levinson

Consultant (Illinois)

Dr. Tom Kerins

Business Development, Board Member

Doug Maurer

Business Development, Board Member

Luis Ceballos

Marketing Manager