Professional Development

Improve your teachers’ skills, gather actionable data, and offer cost-effective test preparation with Horizon Education

Training Teachers to Become Master SAT/ACT Test Prep Instructors

With our training and resources, schools can run effective, data-driven test prep courses facilitated by their own teachers. Since 2013, we have helped thousands of students, across multiple states, from a wide range of academic backgrounds reach their educational potential.

Research-Based Strategies

Teachers learn research-based strategies that are applicable both for high-stakes testing and the rigors of modern education standards, improving results in the classroom.

Turning Any Teacher Into a Test Prep Expert.

We have trained Math, Art, English, Drama, special education, and foreign language teachers to run their own SAT/ACT test prep courses.

Over 97% of teachers found Horizon Education’s Professional Development to be engaging and impactful.

Training Options

With Horizon Education’s strategies and tools, students achieve an average
score improvement of 130 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT.

Complete Program Design +
Professional Development

School Site Professional
Development Support

Professional Development
(4 hour training)

  • Typically for the entire school personnel

  • Understand the background of the SAT and the ACT

  • Strategies for students to implement to succeed on the SAT/ACT

  • How to interpret your school/district SAT/ACT scores?