Benchmark Assessments

Diagnostic assessments that include PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, PreACT®, or ACT® exam-like items as a benchmarking solution for your students.

Benchmarking Solution

College Readiness Assessments

A benchmarking solution that prepares high school students to take college readiness assessments. This powerful solution helps educators measure and analyze growth over time with diagnostic assessments that include digital adaptive PSAT®/SAT® or PreACT®/ACT® exam-like items.

Flexible Administration

Digital Delivery

Horizon Education has its own digital assessment platform, making assessment easy even in distance learning. Administer benchmark assessments on your schedule to minimize impact on instruction time.
Horizon benchmark assessment data for both individual and group reporting is available immediately, rather than being released months after the exam is administered.

Digital Benchmark Assessments

Assessments are administered online and provide a robust set of tools that allow students to gain valuable experience with taking the exam.

Individual Student & Group Reporting

Student and Teacher score reports provide insights into scores, subsection details, item review, standard item analysis, and more!