Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Students Enrolled with Horizon Education

How to Log In

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with the same email and password that you set up with Horizon Education
  3. First time logging in?  Check your email for a setup email from Subject line: Horizon Education Account Activation
  4. Unable to log in? Click the Forgot Password? link to reset your password

Google SSO

Schools using Google SSO can skip the login instructions above and use the Google SSO button on the portal login screen.

  1. Log in to your Google account
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Google SSO button

How to Start an Assessment

  1. Log into the Horizon Education portal
  2. Select the Practice Assessments tab from the menu near the top
  3. Select the practice assessment you have been assigned. 
  4. Assessment sections you have already completed will have a green checkmark and be marked Completed
  5. Available assessment sections will be highlighted. Start your assessment section by clicking Start this section
  6. Assessment sections that have not been released will be marked Locked

How to Respond to Assessments

  1. Review the instructions before starting the test. The instructions are also available under the Resources section of the assessment tools
  2. Use Full Screen mode to improve visibility and minimize distractions
  3. Assessment Tools:
    1. Accessibility - Change the color scheme, font size, and zoom of the assessment window
    2. Response Masking - Eliminate answer choices during the testing process
    3. Full Screen - Improve visibility and minimize distractions
    4. Resources - Review the testing instructions and math formula sheets
    5. Notepad - Area for the test taker to take notes. Test taker has one notepad for the entire test section (unscored)
    6. Add Sticky Note - Area for the test taker to take notes. Sticky notes are attached to a specific test item (unscored)
    7. Hide Sticky Note - Removes the sticky note
    8. Drawing Mode - Draw and write over the top of a passage, item, or answer choices
    9. Hide Drawing Mode - Hides, but does not erase any drawings

Tips for SAT Reading and Language Sections

  • You may use scratch paper and pen/pencil to make notes about the passage
  • Use Full Screen Mode
  • The passage and the questions scroll independently
  • Make use of the highlighter to mark key parts of passages
  • Use sticky notes to make any notes about the passage
  • Try to answer all questions related to a passage before moving to the next passage

Tips for SAT Math Sections

  • You may use scratch paper and pen/pencil to work out math problems
  • Use Full Screen Mode
  • Make use of the formulas sheet. Formulas are found on the Resources page of the Assessment Tools menu 
  • The calculator is a scientific calculator,  and approximates the calculators allowed on the SAT
  • Use the Highlight tool to mark important parts of the question
  • Answers for a grid-in question will not be negative. Answers will not be a mixed number.

How to Read your Score Report

  1. Log into the Horizon Education portal
  2. Scroll down on the dashboard to see a preview of your assessment score
  3. Click View Score Report next to the title of the assessment
  4. Scroll through the assessment report to see features including:
    • Composite Score
    • Section Scores
    • Detailed Score Breakdown
    • Top Opportunities
    • Subscore Details