Press Release: Illuminate Education Partnership

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Horizon Education and Illuminate Education Join Forces to Advance Equitable Access to Actionable Data

This partnership focuses on secondary students, by providing proven benchmark assessments, assessment platform, data analytics, and support services at a time when educators are focused on meeting the needs of all students, on their path to college and career readiness.

IRVINE, CA. and LAGUNA BEACH, CA (July 20, 2020)

Illuminate Education, a leading K-12 student performance system, has partnered with Horizon Education, a content and professional learning organization that transforms the way teachers measure and monitor student progress on the SAT/ACT. Horizon provides effective SAT/ACT norm referenced benchmark assessments, data that informs instruction, and the ability for educators to build strong systems of support within their districts around college readiness and state accountability.

“Illuminate Education is a leader in the data and assessment space, and this partnership allows us to provide actionable insights to every stakeholder in the education system. High Schools have been challenged when it comes to obtaining meaningful analytics to help make school improvement instructional decisions, and now students, teachers, and instructional leaders will have the information they need to build curricular support models that drive student success.” Dustin Bainbridge, CEO of Horizon Education.

Horizon Education understands the importance of the SAT and the ACT. Horizon’s proven combination of professional development, curriculum, and structured practice, allows high schools to provide educator facilitated SAT/ACT readiness courses, at no cost to students. Horizon brings exclusive content and data analysis expertise to a wider audience through the partnership with Illuminate Education.

In 2020, there are 28 states that require the SAT or ACT as a graduation requirement and part of state accountability measures. Illuminate Education and its partner Horizon will be the first to offer a College Readiness Package, for schools and districts searching for a cost-effective and efficient benchmarking solution that can inform instruction.

“The state of ACT/SAT based college entrance exams and annual high school state assessments may be in flux; but the learning needs of these students are as high as ever before,” said Dr. Shawn Mahoney, Chief Product Officer and Chief Learning Officer at Illuminate Education. “Based on the insights obtained through both the Horizon College Readiness Package and performance on assessments delivered through our Data and Assessment (DnA) solution, teachers will be able to adjust and deliver instruction to meet each of the high school student’s learning needs.”

About Horizon Education
Horizon Education is a rising star in the College Readiness for All movement. At Horizon Education, we believe in providing equitable access and resources to students, families, and educators in their journey toward postsecondary success. We partner with districts and schools by providing our resources to their own educators, who then empower their students to prepare for postsecondary success. To learn more, visit

About Illuminate Education
Illuminate Education partners with educators to reach new levels of student performance, empowering teachers with data to serve the whole child. Our solution brings together holistic data and collaborative instructional tools, and puts them in the hands of educators. As a result, they can visualize each student’s progress, determine the right instructional or intervention strategy, and take the best next action. More than 17 million students and 5,200 districts and schools across all 50 states rely on Illuminate every day to move the student performance needle.

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