New York Department of Education SAT Prep Course

NYCDOE has partnered with Horizon Education for the past three years for SAT Preparation Courses and Benchmarks

New York City Department of Education Partners with Horizon Education

New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) has partnered with Horizon Education for the past three years for SAT Preparation Courses and Benchmarks, and just recently to teach a SAT Prep Course by Horizon’s expert teachers. This partnership has empowered all participating NYCDOE students to prepare for postsecondary success and provide them with a comprehensive breakdown of the SAT, proven test-taking strategies for the different sections and question types. Horizon’s thorough understanding of the SAT approach, design and administration, as well as belief in equitable outcomes and access for all students and families, positions them to provide a best-in-class suite of support for optimal student success.

Schools Participating in Spring 2022 SAT Prep Course

Art and Design High School - NY, NY

Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre - Brooklyn, NY

Bushwick Leaders High School - Brooklyn, NY

Channel View School For Research - Queens, NY

Cyberarts Studio Academy - Secondary School for Journalism - Brooklyn,NY 

High School for Community Leadership - Jamaica, NY

High School for Health Professions and Human Services - Manhattan, NY

High School for Language and Innovation - Bronx, NY

High School for Law and Public Service - NY, NY

Hillside Arts & Letters Academy - Queens, NY

James Madison High School - Brooklyn, NY

Life Academy High School for Film and Music - Brooklyn, NY

Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and the Creative Arts - Brooklyn, NY

Talent Unlimited High School - NY, NY

Teachers Preparatory High School - Brooklyn, NY

The School for Human Rights - Brooklyn, NY

The Urban Assembly of Government and Law - NY, NY

Theatre Arts Production Company School - Bronx, NY

William E. Grady Career and Technical Education High School - Brooklyn, NY

Horizon Education SAT Prep Course Teachers

Horizon teachers place a high value on diversity and inclusion in the PSAT/SAT prep classroom. They prioritize creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all learners. Special attention is given to students with disabilities and those learners who may be struggling with grade-level learning expectations. Checks for understanding, reteaching, and small-group breakouts are common strategies used to ensure all learners are able to engage with PSAT/SAT prep material. Pre-assessment and subsequent progress monitoring assessments will drive the engaging and responsive teaching. This instant student reporting assists Horizon teachers in making the best decisions to support each student and students can then begin to set personal academic goals.

  • Class sessions are taught by two or more instructors. 
  • Team-teaching approach allows one to focus on instruction while the other instructor(s) on the team are focused on student engagement, supporting struggling learners, and reviewing student results. 
  • Uses a blend of whole-group and small-group instruction to tailor the instruction to match student needs
  • Focuses on creating a welcoming environment for all learners
  • Instructors walk students through a guided thinking activity when preparing for the SAT. The purpose is to guide students to the right mindset which will allow them to get the most out of their test preparation and be ready for the actual test day. 
  • Instruction is focused on practical, easy to apply strategies while building a solid foundation of academic knowledge and skill. 
  • Each class ends with a survey to ensure that instruction is meeting the needs of all students.

Student Survey from NYCDOE SAT Prep Courses 

  • Good lesson. Using context is important.
     Michael G.
  • Today's class was really awesome, especially the math class and reading class techniques were very helpful. Most of the time I got nervous on some math questions but after today's math class I feel so much confident and waiting for the time to get a good SAT score.
    - Mohammad R
  • Feeling more prepared by the minute.
    - Nyla L.
  • I really enjoyed the lesson. As usual, the strategies are very helpful and understandable.
    - Nia T.
  • I really liked today's lesson. I felt like I made a lot of progress in my reading and writing section.
    - Sevinch U.
  • I enjoyed the math section and how we focused on elimination. I liked how we went over the questions together in the English section.
    - Sezim T.
  • The webinar really helps me a lot. Thanks Ms. A and Mr. K for your help. Now I have extra confidence on my own to do the test.
    - Mohammad R.

About Horizon Education

Founded in 2013, Horizon Education is an educational organization that focuses on SAT/ACT curriculum, lesson plans, benchmark assessments, and personalized learning tools for students to engage with best in class teachers throughout the country.  Specialty is in building scalable online SAT/ACT preparation programs for districts throughout the United States.

They have supported over 1,000+ high schools throughout 30 U.S. states and their passion is to provide access to best in class instructional tools that all students can engage with.  Some of Horizon’s largest school district/state partnerships include Los Angeles Unified School District, New York City Department of Education, Louisiana State Department of Education, and Fulton County Schools in Georgia.

Horizon Education is the only test preparation provider in the U.S. that is partnered with a school's Student Information System and Data and Assessment Platform [PowerSchool, Illuminate Education, OnCourse Educational Systems, etc.] that allow them to provide all stakeholders with meaningful data around performance and accountability. Visit to learn more.

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