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Teacher/Admin Features

Student Results Exports

Export Types

For each student assessment report, three different types of exports can be downloaded by teachers and administrators.

  • Response Export: A spreadsheet file with each individual students response to every item on the assessment.
  • Score Export: A spreadsheet file with each individual students scoring data (composite score, section scores, percentile rankings, etc)
  • PDF Export: An export containing PDF score reports for each student. This can be downloaded as a single PDF file, or a zip file that contains a separate PDF file for each student.

The buttons for each are located on the top right of the page when viewing after opening a specific assessment score report for a group of students.

Downloading Exports

Once an export request has been made, you'll receive an email notification once the export is ready to be downloaded.

Note: Response and Score exports tend to be available within a 1-2 minutes, however PDF exports can occasionally take up to 20 minutes depending on the size of the group of students.

When the export is ready, the link to download the file will be available on the 'See All Exported Results' page, which can be accessed via a blue button on the top right of the main Student Results page.

On the See All Export Results page, you will see a list of all the requested files and a button to Download once the export has finished processing.