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The horizontal menu bar will be found on the top of the page, with three options to choose from: Students, Assessments, and Settings


The Students tab shows all of the students enrolled in that particular class. From this tab, teachers/admins are able to:

  • Add Students
  • Transfer student(s) to another class
  • Set Untimed (See Student Accommodations support article for more info)
  • Remove student(s) from the class

Note: School Admins at each site have the option to limit teachers ability to have access to student roster editing functionality. If you are a school admin and wish for this restriction to be enabled at your site, please reach out to Horizon Support (support@horizoneducation.com)


The Assessments tab shows all of the Active, Upcoming, and Past Assessment Assignments for that specific class. It also gives quick access to assign a new assessment, edit an existing assessment assignment, delete an an assessment assignment, and monitor an active assessment assignment.


The setting tab provides the following functionality:

  • Edit the Class Name
  • Edit the Display Name (Note, this is used primarily for schools that sync via Clever/ClassLink and wish to change the name shown in the class listing so it is different than what automatically is synced along with rosters)
  • Add/Remove Primary Teacher
    Primary Teachers have the full suite of class functionality which includes editing rosters, assigning/editing assessments, resetting assessment sections for students, and viewing student results
  • Add/Remove Secondary Teachers
    Secondary Teachers have read only access to the class which includes viewing the student roster, the assigned assessments, and student results
  • Delete Class