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Assigning an Assessment (ACT)

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To create assign a new assessment to a class of students, click the 'Assessments' tab from the left hand navigation and the blue 'Assign Assessment' button on the top right.

Assigning an Assessment

Select which assessment (ACT, PreACT 10, PreACT 9) and section (English, Math, Reading, Science) to be assigned.

Set a single start date and time that the section becomes available to students. End dates and times will automatically close the assessment window.  End dates and times are optional.

Important Note: For both Continuous and Broken Administrations, students have 48 hours to complete an assessment section before the Horizon platform automatically submits their assessment section for scoring. The 48 hours starts when the student his the start button on an assessment section, and each section (part 1 and part 2) has it's own 48 hour window from when then the student starts the section.

Users have the optional functionality of setting a date and time that the full list of student responses and correct answers are available to students on their completed assessment score reports.

By default, students will not have access to this information until a teacher sets a date and time for these to be shown.

Video Explanation about the Reveal Answers option

Select the classes participating in this assessment window. Select one (or more) classes and the assessment window is complete by clicking Assign Assessment.