SAT Essentials
Professional Learning Seminar

SAT Essentials

Thursday, April 2nd

9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST

The SAT is an important assessment for measuring college and career readiness. We know that preparing for the SAT is important for students, and that also means preparing educators with a solid foundation of essential knowledge will lead to improved student outcomes.

With most schools closed and staff working from home, we decided to offer a free 2-hour virtual professional learning seminar on the essentials of the SAT. There is a lot of uncertainty right now surrounding the test, especially regarding when the next administration of the SAT will even be available for students. When more clarity arrives, we feel educators should have a solid foundation of knowledge to better prepare students for success.

Join us for this free professional learning seminar that introduces:

  • Key things that every educator should know about the SAT
  • Tips & strategies that will prepare students for success
  • Insight on how to unpack the PSAT & SAT data files provided by CollegeBoard

Duration: 2 Hours


Dustin Bainbridge
Founder, Horizon Education

Dustin Bainbridge is the Founder and CEO of Horizon Education. He has spent his career in education and is passionate about closing the achievement gap. Dustin began his career as a Regional Sales Director at Princeton Review. His passion and commitment to underserved school communities inspired Dustin to start Horizon Education in 2013.

Over the past 6 years, Horizon Education has worked tirelessly to provide services and supports to students, educators and families to position itself as an industry leader in increasing the skills, content knowledge and professional learning for College and Career Readiness. Horizon Education has been able to increase students’ college entrance assessment scores of all students at incredibly successful rates.

James Fleming
Chief Learning Officer, Horizon Education

James Fleming is an experienced leader and a passionate educator. He has 18 years of secondary experience, including classroom teacher, site administrator, and Director of Assessment and Accountability.  He guided his district through an overhaul of their assessment program, driving the organization to focus on fewer tests that produced more actionable data.

He is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of master schedule and multi-tiered systems of support in high school settings.  He believes in the power of data to transform schools and to improve outcomes for all learners. He currently resides in Washington State.

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