Proven Results

With Horizon Education’s comprehensive achievement system - students achieve an
average score improvement of 160 points on the SAT® and 4 points on the ACT®.

Preparing Students For Success - Differentiation is Key

Horizon Education has designed two unique course offerings.  One course is designed to be held during the instructional day - just as other courses would be held in the master schedule.  These courses are typically designed for students that need continued support and instruction.  We also have designed courses for students that need less touch support.  These courses are typically 20 hours in length and span 6 weeks.

Extensive College and Career Readiness Standards Reporting Aligned to State Content Standards

Students receive detailed and aligned score reports that analyze responses to pre, mid, and post-exams.  Horizon Education’s student score report is aligned to CollegeBoard and ACT’s scoring categories, and all of our questions are aligned to SAT/ACT subject categories.

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Score improvement

With Horizon Education’s Comprehensive Achievement System, students achieve an average score improvement of 160 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT. Because this course aims to be comprehensive and skill-building, improvements can be seen throughout their regular classes as well.