Our Approach

The Horizon Education team works directly with districts, schools, organizations, and nonprofits to build the capacity of Educators needed to develop a sustainable program.

Personalized Curriculum

Horizon Education knows that each student has unique needs and should have a personalized approach to learning. We work with schools and districts to design a tailored curriculum based on student need and a curriculum based on school planning - master schedule, after-school program, semester- or year-long courses (during advisory periods, or as a stand-alone elective), or a Saturday (attendance recovery) course.

Our proprietary materials were created by teachers for teachers - aligned with our mission. We offer a customized curriculum designed for your institution by educators, like you, who know how important equity and access is and give them all the support they need for success.

Differentiated Support

Horizon Education believes that a high-quality education should be accessible to every high school student, regardless of their background. We specialize in working with students and families from diverse backgrounds to ensure they reach their maximum potential.  Horizon Education works with districts and schools to find resources to fund the program.

Community Empowerment

Parent empowerment is important to us. Horizon Education hosts a parent night after the first practice test that educates parents and students with information related to performance and college admissions to engage in meaningful and important conversations. College and Career Readiness starts in the classroom, but must continue beyond the school campus.