How it Works

Horizon Education's turn-key solution gives Educators research-based strategies, materials, and tools to prepare students for the rigors of modern of College and Career Readiness Standards and assessments.

With Horizon Education's turn-key solution, we give your teachers research-based strategies, materials, and tools to prepare your students for the rigors of modern standards and the tests that accompany them.

Get in Touch

Contact Horizon Education staff to learn more about a potential partnership to ensure equitable outcomes and experiences for all students..

Secure Funding

We work with school leaders to access state and federal funds to pay for the Horizon Education program.

Diagnostic Assessment

Pinpoint student strengths and areas of focus with diagnostic PSAT/ SAT/ ACT assessments, including detailed score reports and analysis.


Horizon Education travels to your school or district to train teachers and Administrators

schedule & promote

Horizon Education has built tools to promote College and Career SAT/ ACT course offerings into the Comprehensive Achievement System for simple and easy promotion.


With Horizon Education’s Comprehensive Achievement System, students achieve an average score improvement of 160 points on the SAT® and 4 points on the ACT®. Because this course aims to be comprehensive and skill-building, improvements can be seen throughout their regular classes as well.