For Administrators

How do we pay for the program?

School sites have a plethora of ways to pay for the program. Here are a few examples:

  • State Block Grants
  • Title 1 Funds
  • Title II Funds
  • After School Program Grant Funds

We are experts in finding ways for schools and districts to pay for our program. If you’re interested, we will find ways to work within your budget.

How many hours are involved with training, proctoring, and teaching?

Training is 8 hours, proctoring is 4 hours for each exam, and teaching for the course is 17.5 hours.

How many times can we run the program throughout the school year?

Typically, schools will run a course in the fall (for 12th graders) and in the spring (for 11th graders).

How do teachers get paid?

Teachers will be paid by the district via timecard.

How many teachers do we need?

This depends on student volume. The ratio is currently 1 teacher per 30 students.

Is there admin reporting after the course to prove effectiveness?

Yes, we are transparent in all of our data and love to show student improvement through our program.

How do we select the teachers that go through the training?

The training is structured in a way that any teacher who can commit to a schedule can teach the course.

What do I need to do to get the program running?

All we need are the names and emails of the selected teachers to run the course.

Is the course online or paper and pencil?

The course is currently paper and pencil only. We ship all the materials to each site. The instructional pieces are currently online and accessed via Prezi.

What are benefits to my students and teachers?

It is free test prep for students and teachers can earn some extra income.

For Teachers

How do I get paid?

Payments will be distributed via your school district. Teachers simply fill out a timecard and turn it in during the payroll cycle.

How does training work?

During two 4-hour training days, a Horizon Test Prep representative will go over the details of the material for the course and give you the tools you need to begin the test prep.

How is enrollment controlled?

We control the entire enrollment process. Students will sign up on our website and we will inform you regarding enrollment throughout the process.

Is there homework throughout the course?

There is plenty of material in the book that we provide for the course to assign at home practice, however, it is not a requirement. The focus of the course will be in class practice and coursework.

Who proctors the practice exams?

Priority is given to the teachers involved in the course, but teachers outside the course can also proctor if they follow proctoring instructions we provide.

When do we get the materials?

Teachers will receive their classroom materials typically 1-2 weeks prior to the start of their course.

Do we have to grade anything?

We do all the scoring at our headquarters.

How do I access the Prezi and data files?

Visit our homepage. Click “My Class,” then enter the password we provided for you. There, you will find every Prezi for the entire course.

Can sophomores or freshmen sign up for the SAT prep course?

Priority is given to juniors as they are approaching deadlines for college admissions sooner than sophomores or freshmen.

Can a student join the course even after it has already started?

Yes! The course is designed to be as inclusive as possible. However, students missing a week or more of instruction may be denied.

When do we offer the practice tests?

On Saturdays from 8am to 12pm. Dates depend on scheduling per site.

When is the best time to run a complete course?

Courses are designed to follow up with an SAT run by CollegeBoard. The best time to start a course is about one month prior to an official exam date.

Do I need to know math and/or English or anything about the SAT/ACT to teach the course?

No, we provide all the material needed to instruct a complete test prep course. Skills in Math and/or English are not necessary to facilitate a complete course.

The role of a teacher throughout the course is to facilitate instruction and let the curriculum guide content and strategy building.

Who selects the schedules on campus?

Teachers and administrators involved in the program will select from the suggested schedules we provide for each site.

Are your materials accredited?

Horizon Test Prep is in the process of getting accreditation to give teachers even more incentive to participate in our program.

What if a student arrives late to a practice exam?

Students who are late to the exam are not denied. They may start as soon as they walk in.

What is the cell phone policy during the exam?

Calculators are not always readily available at every site, so cell phones are allowed during math sections that require a calculator.

How am I paid as a proctor?

Teachers are paid via their district time card.

For Students & Parents

How do I sign up?

Via the portal on our website (Click here).

Do I have to show up to every class?

It is highly encouraged, as our data shows a connection between students who come to every class and rising test scores. However, students do not have to come to every class to participate.

How much does it cost?

This program is free for students. Parents don’t need to pay a cent.

How long are the courses?

It is a 17.5-hour course. However, we can customize a course for your school site based upon your needs at no additional cost.

Who is teaching the course?

Teachers from your child’s high school that have been selected by their administration will teach the course.

How can I get a copy of my child’s score report?

Score reports will be handed back to students in class within a week of each exam. After that time if a student still has not received it, you may send us an email to receive a digital copy.

Do I need to take both the SAT and ACT?

A large majority of colleges and universities require SAT or ACT results for incoming freshman from high school. We encourage students to prepare for one of the exams based on the school’s recommendation.

Where and when do I sign up for the official SAT or ACT?

You can sign up for the SAT on They have dates and deadlines listed on their website.

I missed the first exam. Can I still take the class?

Yes! Throughout the course, there are three practice exams. Even if you missed the first, you can still take the remaining two.

Where will the classes be held?

Classes will be held on your campus, so you don’t have to travel to another school.

What is your average score improvement?

Students who attend every class and take every practice exam have an average increase of 101 points on the SAT or a 3 point increase on the ACT.

I already completed an actual SAT/ACT, should I still take the course?

Yes. We provide detailed score reports that will show you exactly where you need to improve.

What if my child participates in sports or other afterschool activities?

While we make every effort to accommodate scheduling needs, sometimes activities can interfere with current programs in place. Typically, we offer courses throughout the school year to meet student needs year round.

If you have a specific question regarding scheduling, please see your school site administrator for more information.

Are there different versions of the practice tests?

We offer three unique practice tests throughout the program.

Do you offer testing accommodations for students who need them?

Since school sites are in charge of the program, please see your counselor and/or administrator for any testing accommodation needs. In most cases, we can work with the school site team to grant such accommodations.